Welcome to the official website of Hephzibah Link

It is my great p,easure to welcome you here. Hephzibah Women Link International is a non-profit organization that is  Christ centered. The organization is for women of all colors and it is to assist women to identify who they are , their purpose in life and be whom God created them to be. We believe that women are an important part of God's plan to reach mankind. Hephzibah Women Link International has her home base at Duncanville Texas, United Stated of America.


As you take time out to surf this site, may I welcome you into your best opportunity ever – an opportunity of unfathomable, unimaginable, unstoppable, unrestrictable, unspeakable, surpassing favour. It will be to you a momment of fulfilment and pleasure! Why? Because it is very important that every woman should come i to full realization of God's grand purpose for creating her. That purpose is the DNA/blueprint of each woman's existence; and discovering it is life and joy. 


You are created to make a difference in your world.  From Genesis Chapter 2, you will discover that after God created the woman, the work of creation stopped.  God was satisfied.  God saw His mission as accomplished.  God knew that if the woman would perform her role as God’s last born, the world would become a different place


As a woman, you are the crown of God’s creation.  For instance, if a king wants to put on his crown, he has to be completely dressed.  His clothes, his shoes and everything is on; the last thing that the king will put on is the crown.   God has created you as His last born; you must make a difference. You will not be a misfit to God’s purpose. 


When you get born again while your Father is the King, who are you as the King’s daughter? You are a princess.  Every woman that is born again is a princess and among other things, you are meant for honour. You will not miss the honour that is due to you in Jesus’ name. 

You shall no longer be called deserted..; but you shall be called Hephzibah for the Lord delights in you (Isaiah 62:4)