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About HPPM

Born out of a passion for praising and praying to God. Becky Adedokun started a singing ministry called Son of Righteousness in 1996 in Ibadan Nigeria. Then in 1998 she relocated with her family to Dallas, Texas, United States. Finally settled in the states, she received a holy inspiration in 2000 to change the name of the ministry to Hephzibah Praise and Prayer Ministries. This was in reflection of what God had done in her life that year. 

After continuing her singing ministry under a new name, in 2009, HPPM branched out into women's counseling with their women's ministry. Hephzibah Women Link International began out of Evang. Becky and Joy Duru's shared passion for linking women of all kinds together for spiritual guidance and encouragement through Christ Jesus' genuine love. 

In 2010, the ministry initiated Prayer Line - our weekly over-the-phone prayer session. Then in 2013, the latest ministry under our umbrella was formed. Evangelist Becky Adedokun had received instruction from God to start a quarterly Friday night non-denominational vigil called No Negotiation Night. God said it, and in March of 2016, He brought it to fulfillment.

Becky T.

Founder | Evangelist | Singer  

Devoted mother to three beautiful children, Becky is dedicated to the work of the Lord. She takes joy in graciously helping others and is the author of Embrace your Jubilee. She hopes anyone touched by the umbrella of Hephzibah Praise and Prayer Ministries (HPPM) will receive the healing and blessing of the Lord.  

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