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Hephzibah Women Link International


HWLI Mission

Hephzibah Women Link International is a Christ-centered non-profit organization with a focus on women. Envisioned by Evangelist Becky over 10 years ago, Hephzibah Women Link International began in a small hotel conference room in Duncanville Texas. From that small conference room, HWLI grew a sisterhood of Christ-seeking women. Today HWLI not only encourages and provides a platform for women to speak boldly in the Faith but also provides spiritual counsel to women of any class, age, race, or religious background from Christian leaders who have a shared lived experience. Females. We believe that Women saints hold an intrinsic and powerful position in the spreading of the Lord's Gospel. That's why HWLI is called Hephzibah - women in the Lord are made to be the delight of the Lord. So, through our yearly conference and night vigil, we discuss how we can be His delight even through the struggles of life. While our outreach program enables us to aid our fellow sisters who are less fortunate than us.        

HWLI Vision
As an organization, our goal is to reach out to women of all colors, races, and languages. We want to reach out to as many as we can, to make them know that they are the delight of the Lord. We want them to know that they can be whom God has created them to be in Christ. We will empower them to keep striving and never give up on their God-given dreams. But most importantly, to encourage them to trust God's word; to trust the Holy Spirit, and to believe that their prayers are being answered. We pray, counsel, and provide a sisterhood for them so they no longer have to shiver in their faith in God.


Every fall season we have our Hephzibah Women Link International Conference. From exceptional worship to powerful teachings and insightful discussions on the topic for that year, our conferences are not to be missed. Also, every February we gather once again. Wining Women Night is our annual night vigil. At the anointed time by powerful prayers, chains are broken and souls are healed.

 We invite you to attend and experience it for yourself!  


We know that we can't be a delight to the Lord if we do not aid those in need. Thus, through our Sisters Support program, we provide monetary assistance and prayers to struggling mothers every month. Join us in being a delight for these women or receive prayers for yourself and anyone you hold dear.

Partner Orgaization

Become a partner! We have partnered with Haven of Love in Dallas Texas. Quarterly we support their ministry of aiding ex-prostitutes/ex-convicts get back to God to get back on their feet. You can help us as we collect food, clothes, shoes, and other women's necessities to donate to this wonderful ministry. 


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